Saturday, March 14, 2015   8 p.m. $15 reserved seating
Traditional Irish Music with a Rock and Roll Heart

Boston Blackthorne has stayed on top of the New England folk and Irish circuit for more than 20 years by delivering exciting shows and solid recordings.    They perform the magic of the transition of traditional music as it followed the Irish diaspora from County Kerry, Ireland to Kerry Park in Holyoke, MA where Jim O'Conner, singer-songwriter of Boston Blackthorne, along with thousands of Irish immigrants, have made his home.  This fusion of Celtic traditions and Americana rock roots are the basis of the Boston Blackthorne sound.
Saturday, April 18, 2015  8 p.m.  $15 reserved seating
and the Crabgrass Band
Daisy Nell and Captain Stan hale right here from the One World Coffeehouse town of Essex, MA.  As natives they have spent their lives dedicated to supporting music in the school system by bringing in live music programming for all ages as well as being educators, children's book author and artists themselves.  When not tuning up his guitar Stan might be found tuning up an engine at Gaybrook Garage in Essex, his other job and thriving local business. When not a work they are sailing their schooner and sharing with their audiences the sea chanteys, story telling and a shared love of their lives together in song for over 40 years. Every performance is  infused with the rich history of music from the heart and soul of the Sea and the ships that sailed them and that were built right here on the shores of  Cape Ann for over 300 years.  
Saturday, May 16, 2015  8 p.m.     $15 reserved seating
Meridian and Charlee Bianchini
A talented split bill tonight with Meridian and Charlee Bianchini.  

Meridians duo Olivia Gale and Colin de la Barre perform traditional and some comtemporary folk music with stunning harmonies.  

Singer songwriter Charlee Bianchini hales from Gloucester, MA.    As a lover of writing, muisic and travel she shares with us the results of her travels in her music.  "Music is the voice of joy, concern, and empathy with which I am left."   Read more from her blog click here