Hello to all of our coffeehouse family:
Thank you for all of your support of live music here in Essex, at the One World Coffeehouse! We so value and appreciate your support.
Before the summer gets rolling along into La La Land, let us remind you that the very next weekend after Labor Day will be our first show of the season. On September 12, Allen Estes will host a Songwriter's Circle with Jon Butcher and Nashville's Louise Molrie. It's always a treat to hear the new material from great writers, especially when they are terrific players and performers as well. The fabulous combination of traditional American folk musicians Atwater and Donnelly, with their Irish tap and step dancing buddy Kevin Doyle, will give us a heart stopping show once again in October. The inimitable and prolific songwriter and longtime friend David Mallet will be back in November. Notice that our December show brings Harvey Reid to the One World once again, after a few years' hiatus. For our fans of  Irish harpist Aine' Minogue, fear not; instead of her winter solstice show here, she will return in MARCH for a delightful presentation of songs to welcome in the spring.
Stay tuned, and enjoy the summer!

One World Dates so far for 2015
Sept.12 Allen Estes, Jon Butcher and Nashville's Louise Mosrie, Songwriters Circle
Oct 17   Atwater & Donnelly, with Kevin Doyle
Nov 14  David Mallet
Dec 5, 2015   Harvey Reid